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Leeann - posted on 01/07/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My six year old son wishes my mom was his mom. I lived with my mom and her husband for two years because I was hospitalized with an infection for two months and lost work while I was sick. I lost my car, house, everything. When I got better I became employeed, bought a new car and then moved me and my son to our new place. While I was living with my parents my mom watched my son when I was at work and they became close. My mom and her husband openly crticized my parenting style in front of my son. Now my son openly critisizes me and talks down to me like my parents did. I have been taking away toys and privleges when he talks this way and it hasn't really worked; it's hard for him to stop because it's so natural now. Last night he screamed "You are so annoying" three times, he was angry I enforced a consequence in front of his friends. His friends mom was appolled at how he spoke to me. I took him home and told him he should not speak to me that way or anyone, but I tried to emphasize not to talk that way to "your mom". He explained that I wasn't "Pharoe" that GamGam was "Pharoe". He's really into Egypt and Moses, etc. I tried to tell him that I was his mom and that it's okay to love grandma but that mom(me) is "Pharoe". He said in a matter of fact way "But, I want Grandma to be Pharoe, not you." He wasn't saying it to be mean; it's really what he longs for. I'm so heartbroken right now I don't know what to do. Any thoughts would help.


Ami - posted on 01/07/2013




It sounds like it is time to get a professional involved. We as other mom's are here and can support you. You are his mom, and your mom undermining you is very wrong, but obviously she has gotten to your son and it is time to do some "reprogramming" and you need some help to do that. Also you need to get your mom to understand what she has done is wrong, however this may require a professional too.


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He's just a kid, he doesn't understand how much that hurts you. You know that already. ( : Keep your chin up, try not to take it personally. I would try to build good memories with him and limit his exposure to your mom if she's going to continue to undermine your parenting. It'll pass!

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