Helicopter MIL

Misha - posted on 08/14/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




I've been with my hubs for thirteen years and i have always worked full time until seven months ago when when i became a SAHM after our second child I 've never really enjoyed my MIL, everyone I know who knows her complains and doesn't like her. She is extremely judge mental, overbearing and and a huge gossip. I've always had the luxury of working and staying busy and only seeing her on special events and holidays, but now I am at home with the kids and unfortunately she stays at home too. She calls me everyday and pretty much comes over every other day. I'll tell her I am busy and she will call my hubby at work and ask if she can drop by later or she will just drop by. She buys things for us just to come over! We live in the same town and I really want to put our house on the market, move and also start working again just to get away from her. All of my hubby's siblings feel the same way about her. She is bored out of her mind and needs a friend, but would never admit to that, she is always incredibly "busy" and "so tired". Her company was tolerable when I would only see her a few times a month, but I feel like I am going to blow up on her! My oldest is getting sick of her as well. She asks to bring my hubs to airport, buy my oldest school supplies and even talks to her teachers! I feel like she is not needed anymore and she refuses to give up her SAHM job and treats us all like children and all the grand kids like her children. My hubby and FIL have talked to her about giving us some space but she has just disregarded it all.
How can I get some space from her, without blowing up?!!

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