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My 4 year old son (soon to be 5 in November) started Kindergarten this September. This month for the most part has been hell, for him and alike. Since birth he has never been to a daycare facility, and we skipped Pre-K because he had a speech delay that I wanted to get help for. With all this said, I knew the transition would be difficult.. but not his difficult. He is a brilliant boy, and can read books already front to back. (Sometimes I have to help with the really big words) His behavior in school has been AWFUL. I have already had 2 meetings with his teacher and the principal and that was just in the first 2 weeks. Thankfully, he calmed down for a few weeks.. more good notes than bad.. and then today I got the doozy. His teacher has informed me that she is getting together with other faculty members to come up with different solutions to his behavior problems.

He lives in a stable environment, his routine is the same everyday. He leaves for school and comes home grinning ear to ear. I just don't understand where his aggressive and defiant behavior is coming from.. or what I can do as his mommy to help him get through. His father and I have tried everything..from long talks to taking things away that he enjoys. I just can't seem to get through to this stubborn boy.

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4 is young for kindergarten. You may want to look at doing pre-k this year. Here you have to be 5 by Sept. before you can start Kindergarten. How is his speech now? Some of his aggression might be due to that. Does he get easily over stimulated? He may need to learn how to self-regulate himself when things get overwhelming for him. Look behind the behavior at what the cause is.

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Hi, I understand your concern, however you little boy sounds very bright, there are no solutions at this point as there seems to be no clear indication of what the issue is ? He sounds like he is very bright , which may mean he further ahead in his learning than the other children, and therefore could be bored with school, and when he is bored he could be doing something to get attention form the teacher? Or he is having difficulty interacting with other children in a classroom setting? Which may need that he will need support from school to overcome some of his behavioral issues. A reward chart might help with this if you work with the teacher for example if he has had a good report from the teacher then put it on the reward chart at home when he has gained enough rewards, then he will be allowed to choose a special reward. Another suggestion is that you or your husband spend some time with your son at school perhaps a few mornings to supervise' for a few days until his behavior improves. If he is bored at school he may not know, his ability to learn may be quicker than the other children, you could ask the teacher to set him some extra work if he finishes before the other children. hope this helps good luck and I hope your school helps you both find a positive solution.

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