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I don't know if anyone could help me I have a husband who just bought a semi truck. He is paying for it did not know the company can say who rides on it. We can get our own insurance but the company he is with doesn't allow it. Have no clue why. The family was planning on going with him and can't now very depressed about it. Does anyone know where he could go the truck is big enough and gave thought to sleeping arrangements already. Please no negative comments already thought this through he has been gone a week already and want to do it with him.


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Jodi - posted on 09/05/2016




What does the contract say? Hopefully he read the contract he signed.....

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What Ev posted was not negative, it was an observation.

If your husband can provide proof that you asked about the family accompanying him on his job, and were given a yes answer, the you could use that to perhaps get a change, or he could always terminate his contact with them.

Honestly, though, I don't know of many companies that will allow the entire family to go. Some do allow spouses, or one rider, but not whole families.

Again, this is not negative, just observation

Dove - posted on 09/05/2016




If the company doesn't allow it you are pretty much out of luck. If he has solid proof (written, not verbal) that they lied about the contract before he signed it he may have a shot at a lawsuit, but that would likely be a long and costly process that isn't worth the fight. He can certainly talk to a lawyer about the situation and see if there is anything else that can be done.

You can not dictate what kind of responses you get on here. You will get the response that the person commenting feels is the best one to leave. If you can't accept that.... this isn't the place for you to vent your situation.

Christine - posted on 09/05/2016




The company lied to my husband before orientation tried to cover all of our bases can't do that when there are liars out there. I asked for no negative comments. They lied

Ev - posted on 09/05/2016




This is not meant as scolding you about this situation but maybe you and your husband should have been talking to this company before buying the semi and trying to get it set up to go as a family on the road to be sure that this was an option or checked out other companies to see if this was an option. Companies have their rules and regulations and also the state and federal laws covering semis. Next time maybe you should do your homework before getting into something to you know all your angles.

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