Hello all you mummys :-) i really need some advice or tips what ever you want to call it. I have 3 boys ages 1,4 and 6.My six year old boy is a very gentle lovable little boy but then things change.. If we tell him he is not going outside or he is not allowed to have something he gets into a fit of rage and roars and cry's till he is exhausted. After you say no he keeps asking for you to say yes.It sole destroying!Then the cheek comes and the calling names.My husband and i have tried every thing to fix this but we just don't know what to do.It takes up a lot of my time and sometimes i feel my other little boys are not getting enough of my attention because of it. My little boy know if i say no i mean it but he still continues with the tantrum.I would love some advice please.I love my children so much and i don't want my little boy behaving like this When he calms down i speak to him and we chat about what has happened and he does get upset that he has upset me.We have a snuggle and all is grand till the next time..From a mummy desperate for an answer:-(


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I agree w/ Sherri. As soon as the fit starts... off to his room he goes until the fit is over.


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Thank you so much for your help.I grounded him from going out side to play and i stuck to my guns and did not give in :-) he did have a tantrum but gave in after awhile.I think i need to be more stern.I will go down the professional root if things don't get better. He is doing very well in school ,very clever and is very well behaved tg.Thank you for your replies its great to get some advice :-)

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Have you taken him to a child psychologist? It sounds like he has real problems dealing with and expressing his anger. Does he do well in school? Are the tantrums a problem there too? It might be well worth getting some proffessional help. In the meantime try to focus on a method and be consistent with it. You could try setting up a reflection room in your home and putting him in there when he throws a tantrum until he calms down. This way you know he can safely vent and blow off his frustration while you focus your attention on your other two boys.

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