Hello any one..!! My daughter is at her wits end.

JeriAnn - posted on 04/21/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




..Her son Joseph is 1 year old and he is sticking his hand and even his foot way in his mouth and making himself profusly throw up. We have tried everything to get him to stop and am very worried something is medically wrong..Can anyone help.PLEASE


Katherine - posted on 04/21/2012




Nothing is medically wrong. That's what they do at that age.

Sounds like stress-related behavior to me. My son would pick his nose until it bled when he was stressed out by our living situation (tension in our house when in-laws temporarily lived with us). I would re-examine bed and naptime routines and see if I could go easier on my child or reduce their stress somehow. Maybe he is not ready to sleep. Maybe he hasn't had enough 'mommy' or 'daddy' time that day.

Punishment at any age (sleeping with vomit? yuk!) just causes more stress and problems. Children -- and people at all ages -- need to be gradually shown how to do things with a compassionate manner. And sometimes it is us, not them, that needs to change.

Anyway, toddlers don't even have the mental capacity to see themselves as separate people before 18 months, so they can't do things to "get attention" yet. And if getting attention is the cause later on, giving loving attention is the cure. One-year-olds can't even "pre-meditate" anything yet. Punishment will only teach him that it is a cruel and harsh world. It sounds to me like you're being a very patient and caring mom overall, good for you!


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