Hello Everybody!Do You think is good to give a only vegetables diet to a 2 years old baby? Is it dangerous?


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Chet - posted on 10/07/2014




Vegetables like peas, asparagus, spinach, potatoes, corn, sun-dried tomatoes, brussel sprouts, and beans all contain protein.. Vegetables, especially legumes, can be a good source of protein.

It's possible to be a very healthy vegan, but you need to really educate yourself. Michelle's suggestion that you talk to a dietician (one who is specifically knowledgeable about vegan diets for children) is a good one.

Protein isn't usually the problem for vegans. Many non-vegans and non-vegetarians actually eat way too much protein. Vitamin B12 can be a real issue for vegans though, and iron is sometimes an issue too. You also need to be mindful that your child's diet contains enough fat, since fat is very important for young children... although if your 2 year old is still nursing daily they will get a good amount of healthy fat from that.

Michelle - posted on 10/07/2014




You also need to make sure they get plenty of proteins. Vegetables aren't enough, you also need to have nuts, etc.
I would be worried that the child wouldn't get enough of everything they need to grow, it's different for an adult that isn't growing at the amazing rate that children do.
Consult a dietician before changing a diet so dramatically.

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