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I recently moved to Georgia about a month ago wanting to explore a little on this site looking for locations to take my 4 year old son


Ashley - posted on 07/12/2016




Jane,I bet you don't have kids,do you ? And if you do I bet your also the type to sit them in front of a screen all day ,everyone parents differently ,I think it's child abuse to give children iPads and too much TV time ,I think it turns their brains to mush but what do I know ,I just study child behavior and have taken extensive classes.but it's not child abuse unless someone is harming the child mentally or physically ,leaving a sleeping toddler in a vehicle that has the AC full blast and only for 5 minutes and with in sight is far from abuse,it's being a good mother by not waking your sleeping child .Dont go calling the cops if it's not hurting the child,if the child is in a safe environment and is happy ,leave it alone ,if you see on the other hand a child sweating and in a car with the windows up and vehicle is off ,and mom is no where to be found ,call all you want but just because your opinion is that a mom shouldnt leave her kid In an aircondioned vehicle in sight .Doesnt mean you should ruin her life,you could get her kids taken away ,then these kids with a good mom who has a different but safe way of parenting then you is with out their loving mother .or she could end up with a record because you just don't agree with her and made something out of nothing. It's better just to say something your self or if your really concerned,and actually care for these kids ,offer to keep an eye on them while the mother is in the store ,instead of being nasty calling the cops and judging the mom ,kindly let her know that kidnappings could happen or a meteor could hit the car and aliens will abduct the children while she was in the store for 5 minutes .Because something happening to the kids in a car with AC in is just as likely to happen as the mother getting shot at in side the store .

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