hello everyone im dealing with a really Bad situation and i dont know who to ask anymore...after ony 4 months that my husband has deployed out of the blue he wants a divorce...we have fought alot and he said e just doens wanna be married anymore and he want me to go on and live my life happy...he has became really mean and barely talks to me no matter what i say or how much i cry and beg him not to...he said he sent the papers today and he was pretty mean when i said i dont wanna sign them...he said after the deployment is over he wont even come home to see him but i miss him so much and he is my everything,,,how can i stop the divorce and wait until he is back?


Dove - posted on 11/21/2012




If you figure out how to control the actions and thoughts of another human being.... let me know cuz I've been working on that power for 30 something years and still can't do it.

Sounds to me like he met someone and the more you cry and beg him.... the meaner he's going to get. Sorry.

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