hello everyone,its my first post n i really need help.i am tensed, and frustrated and take all the tension out on my babies (i have a daughter who will be of 3 years in this dec. and my son, who is 10 months old). i know its very bad, but i cant help it. when ever they do something wrong i yell and finally spank them. believe me,i know evreyting i am doind is wrong but i even dont have any more energy to explain why. maybe because i have to go back to my country and i am worried about living there without my husbvand and few such problems. but i love my kids, in the nite, when they both are asleep i keep kissing them, but what is the use? i have noticed today that they both get scared when i yell. but i feel tired and drained out all the day . i want to keep my house clean, kitchen clean, food cooked, and babies well fed, but i cant do all these things, which make me tensed. if i have to do a single work, i would be thinking about it all the time, thinking and planning and in the mean while if my kids do something wrong, i become mad. please someone help me, take me out of this fog, i swear i dont want to do tis, but its just happening, not in my control.


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Katherine - posted on 09/09/2012





You need to see your doctor. What you are experiencing COULD be PPD. I had it after my first and had to get on medication. The anger sounds like it and spanking a 10 month old is not ok, as you said yourself. I can imagine how you feel. Please go to your doctor.

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