Hello. I am 21 years old and I am unmarried. I have my boyfriend he is 22 years old. We are in a relationship since last three years. He has loved me much and so do I. I have introduced him to my family and despite of lot of conflicts I was able to make my parents convince. But, he has not told anything about this love life to his parents. With time, our conversation is slowing down gradually. We don't live together, because I am from East part of Earth. That is India where living together is not allowed by the culture. Well, I feel sad that these days, our communication is less and he shows less interest on me. I can't understand why he cannot receive my call when he is with his friend. I have only understood the thing is that he is very shy and doesn't want to introduce me with his friends. Moreover, he is too shy to talk to me on phone in front of his friends. I understand it like that and he also says like that. But, at least when i call, i believe if he loves me , he shouldn't cut my phone. Even if he receives, he behaves so rude with me. Nowadays, we don't talk much because I am tired of trying and crying. Have tried my best to save the relationship. Now, things have ruined. But, still I know he loves me and I love him. The only thing is he is so confident that I won't go anywhere leaving him. So he has started misbehaving with me. He doesn't respect or show any concern about my feelings. My tears doesn't matter to him. I have told him, we'll get broken one day, but he doesn't believe me. He just takes my things lightly.Time and again, I ask him to be serious but he doesn't. I try not talking to him for 1 or 2 days, I become strong. But then, he again calls or comes online on chat and calls me. But, again,I don't know, what happens, even if i ignore him..I call him back myself..and he becomes so rude.and every mistakes, faults becomes mine. What should I do? Since moms are here and you guys have already been through so many stages. Please help me out. I want to save this relationship. Help me!!


Gwen - posted on 09/12/2012




He obviously does not want to be in a relationship with you anymore. He won't talk to you around his friends, ignores your calls and won't tell his parents about you. It's time for you to get on with your life and stop waiting around for him to grow up. Find someone who respects you and will treat you with the dignity and commitment you deserve.

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