Hello I am 39 weeks pregnant and baby's due date is next Sunday I am soo tired of being pregnant and anxious to meet my Jr. I read up that pineapples can help jump start contractions is that true reason being I'm trying not to get induced any suggestions


Sarah - posted on 08/11/2014




That is a wives tale.....not much you can really do right now. Baby will come when baby is ready. Enjoy the last few moments of what life is like right now as in a week or so all that will change forever. Trying to rush things only puts risk to you and your baby and why would you want to do this having gone so long taking care of you and your baby and with only about a week left?!

Gena - posted on 08/11/2014




You dont have long to go,so dont worry. I have heard of the pineapple,but i dont know if it works. Walking and sex does ;) good luck and a good birth!


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Jackie - posted on 08/12/2014




Pedicures!! Treat yourself to one of those you deserve it! Especially with a foot massage! Now I don't think there is any scientific evidence to support this, but with both of my boys I had pedi's about 2 days before going into labor! P.S. There is no down side to this! Cute toes during delivery :) Also walking and sex do work, but I never wanted to have sex that far along personally I was already sore, and that just grossed me out a little! lol Sending easy labor & delivery vibes your way! :)

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