Hello. I am 7 wks pregnant with twins...One is visible with heartbeat, the other isn't.....My 13 yr old had a gestational sac, no heartbeat, nothing, yet she showed up three weeks later and is very healthy. The er docs say that the twin may not develop...Please help...I am devastated...


Sarah - posted on 04/07/2012




I am so sorry to hear you're going through this.

I don't know what you expect anyone to do. We can't change what you're going through. In all likelihood the one twin will be reabsorbed and you'll have one healthy baby.

It's tough, but most twin pregnancies end up with only one by the time the u/s is done. However now that many drs do u/s in the first trimester they're seeing that almost 255 of ALL pregnancies are twins - but only about 3% result in natural twins.

I know it doesn't really help when you KNOW there's a second baby there, but it might put your mind at ease as to the health of the first baby. Also often if you're dates are off the heart beat won't be visible until 8 weeks - it is possible, but since one is visible, it's not likely the other will show up.

I wish there were something I could say to help you cope with this....

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