Hello, I could use some advice. I recently found out that a 14 yr old girl from my neighborhood is being molested by her step father. She told her mother last night and her mother told her 1) not to worry about him raping her because hes on meds that make him impotent and 2) if she throws him out they will have to go live in a trailer home because he pays the bills. He has been doing this to her for over a year now. She told me since school has started back, it only happens on friday nights. During summer and school breaks it happens several times a week. He waits till shes sleeping, goes in her room and sticks his hands down her pants. Its been happening so long, she has learned what position she can turn to to make him stop. Im torn between reporting it because my daughter, who the girl first told, is afraid of losing her friendship. I have seen other issues in the house with the kids, like lack of food that is so bad at times they eat a granola bar or fruit roll up for dinner. But this is just disgusting and I really need advise on what to do...


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Jodi - posted on 10/03/2015




You report it to the authorities and let them investigate the situation.

Mary - posted on 10/02/2015




Very simple. You must contact the authorities and report what is happening if you believe it to be true. There is absolutely no good reason to ever not protect the well being of an innocent child if you have the opportunity to. Pray and do the right thing. God will take care of her and her mother. Please post back what you decide. I pray you do the right thing.

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