Hello I'm 39+5 weeks...got my membranes stripped Monday n guess wat I'm still pregnant..been having alot of contractions but I know there not real cause there not continuing .last Monday I was 2 cm and dr said baby was still high..I really don't think she's high anymore cause I can put my hands n my vagina and feel baby head..creepy I know!! My dd is Sunday and dr said if I hadn't did anything by then she'll induce me next week. I have an appointment Tuesday and I'm so scared to be induce..really hope something goes down this weekend..also I been having braxton hicks alot when I pee n go lay down my bh gets really intense..is they really bh or real contractions..for about a couple of days now I've been nausea and having diarrhea ..someone plz tell me labor will be soon..hope I dialtaed more on Tuesday if I make it threw . I really don't wanna be induced so plz tell me something that will actually work to get this thing started..I tried castor oil pineapples spicy food sex and walking but nothing help


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Samantha - posted on 01/27/2013




I moved furniture to go into laborstayed away from extreamly heavey stuff but like a rocking chair size.....

Michelle - posted on 01/26/2013




DON'T do the castor oil!!!

Being induced was the best labor for me. Don't be scared about it. I would suggest to walk a lot to get things moving. Also squat and get that baby down in the right position.

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