Hello, I'm new on here and I have some questions about my situation. My husband is in the army, we have a 1year old who he hasn't seen since he was around 5months old. But I had an affair and it resulted in a pregnancy, I am 61/2months pregnant. My husband is stationed in Alaska right now, he knows everything and we are separated, he never calls to talk to his son, we both want a divorce, but he won't file. He has a girlfriend in Alaska, and sends me $300 every 2 weeks. He wants a paternity test done on his son because he says I'm a whore. He refuses to talk to his son until he's


Amy - posted on 04/14/2013




I agree with Jodi why does he need to file, you could file first. He's in the military so it's not uncommon for military members to not be able to see their children often. Your last line cut off so I'm not sure why he's refusing to speak to his son, but get the parternity test done and then offer to Skype with him a couple times a week so that your son gets to know his father.

Jodi - posted on 04/14/2013




Why does he have to file? Can't you file? Also, just do the paternity test. Do you blame him for not trusting that your son is his? He is being childish in refusing to speak to his son until then, but ultimately, your son is so young, and dad has been away for so long, that he probably doesn't know any different. Just get yourselves sorted out, because clearly the current situation isn't working.


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