Hello. I'm Wykerria. I have a daughter that will soon be starting pre-k this year for the first time. But to get exactly to my question. How many of you parents has had or is having thoughts about their transportation. Do you refer to them to ride the bus from home to school and from school to home or be a car rider? I absolutely care my child safety.


Ev - posted on 03/30/2013




As far as PRE-K where I live, most public schools do not have a class as this but it will soon be going to this format. Anyone from Kindergarten up can ride on a school bus. I feel if a child is ready for it in Kindergarten then they should be able to ride the bus. My daughter did and she was with her cousins while they were still in school until they got to high school but by then she was a lot older and able to handle herself. When her brother started school they rode together on the bus. Once she went off to college, he was on his own but he was also a lot older too. This setup was good for my kids. I do understand about those kids that do not have cousins or very good friends of the family living close by and riding on that same bus. It is scary to a parent because they have worries about what older kids will do, if the child will remember their stop and things like this.

As for PRE-K ages, I would definitely be taking my own kids to school or sharing the drop off and pick up with another parent who I know well.

Dove - posted on 03/29/2013




I would drive if possible. My kids don't ride the bus til middle school.


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Wykerria - posted on 03/30/2013




I agree with you on this statement because a variety of the schools in the untied states are none supportive. We as parent's don't know what kind of action would take over or that goes on in our own environment at all times and i think we deserve to know. All i want is my child to feel and be safe around others but i know it's not possible. You have given me such a wonderful idea. Currently i feel like younger kids ages 3 & up shouldn't have to ride the bus until they are at least in middle school or high school. Another thing is all school buses should provide safety to all students not just children who are mentally. ( I honestly don't mean no harm to what i have just stated above.

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