Hello Iam a mom of Five kids and divorced and one of my kids have Adhd now my twelve year old is having emotional mood swings possibly bipolar

Monique - posted on 12/07/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I love all my kids so much...its so hard to deal with the abuse and disrespect from my twelve year old daughter....when we all show her love she rebels against it..last night I was cooking dinner everything was going great......then out the blue she starts yelling at me and her siblings,,she called me a stupid bitch and pushed her little brother to the ground threw a chair in the living room.....its really scary she was breathing hard and talking and cursing real fast.....ten min later she switched back to a nice young lady and asked her older sister for the sugar omg really.....the whole family was shocked the way she switched back was like she was a whole other person.......these mood swings have been going on for atleast five years....as she gets older her anger is so strong....I've been trying to get help from her schools and the doctor....the don't take me serious because when they see her......she's a sweet child ........help sad mom


Cecilia - posted on 12/07/2013




By doctor you mean family doctor or pediatrician? If so look into a child psychologist. I say this because it is not "normal." When I first read it i was thinking teenaged hormones, but not if it's been going on for years.

If nothing else try to get her on film when she is acting this way and then switches. Maybe your doctor will listen to you then. This is in case you need a referral to get to a psychologist.

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