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, I'm Khloe and i have three kids all under the age of 5. my youngest girl is still not sleeping through the night and she is about to be 1 in November is there anyway i could try to get her to sleep right through the night. help me please ladies.

kind regards, Khloe


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hiya, Ariana, yeah she is waking up about twice. and i pick her up and walk about with her and give her a bottle.

awww thanks i will try that tonight thanks

Ariana - posted on 10/10/2012




Is she waking up multiple times or just once? What do you do when she wakes up? Pick her up and things?

You can either go to her room and settle her back into her crib or let her cry it out. Some people just can't stand letting them cry it out. If that's the case go into the room, tell her it's time to sleep, give her a kiss and tuck her back in. In some kids this will just make them cry louder but you will still have gone in to check on her and be sure she is fine. Do NOT pick her up. If she's still crying 5 minutes later go and do the same thing. Do this until she falls back to sleep.

I personally would find it easier to just let her cry it out. She'll cry the first couple nights then stop. Not everyone can do that so whatever works best for you (and her).

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