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Emily - posted on 09/12/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have my 4Month old Baby girl and I breast feed her. My question is, 'is it Ok if I just feed her on my left tities? It's kinda hard for me now to feed her on my right tities because she doesn't like it no more :( What should I do? Thanks for your help Mommies.


Katherine - posted on 09/12/2013




It won't hurt your baby to only eat on one side but it will end up being very uncomfortable for you! If you don't feed her on your right side, you can end up with blocked ducts which are very painful. Or if you avoid that, your left breast will eventually be noticeably larger than your right. A lot of babies prefer one side over the other - my son also preferred the left side. Does she have any problems with latching? Do you have a stronger let down on the right side that might make it harder for her to nurse? If so, you can try pumping that side first to relieve some of the pressure before nursing her on that side. Is it a sudden change for her to not like the right side? If you already have a blocked duct, that can sometimes affect the taste of your milk, making it slightly salty for your baby which can put them off that side for awhile. It will go away once the block is gone. I would keep on trying before completely giving up on one side. Or, if she really just refuses, try pumping that side and contact your local la leche league for more help.

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