hello moms' i am very concerned about my baby,she has recently started tossing and turning all night and have been chewing on her blanket while tossing and turning and cries i tried giving her something for pain gave her gas medicine i also gave her something for teething i am out of ideas what can you ladies tell me to do that i have not done yet?


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Amy - posted on 01/23/2013




My daughter was also a nightmare when it came to teething but only at night. There were many nights we coslept because that was the only way I could get more than 30 minutes at a time. It wasn't fun but at soon as the tooth came through she went back to sleeping all night.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 01/23/2013




Motrin/ibuprofen worked best as a pain reliever for my kids. My daughter had a difficult time teething regardless. Just lots of comfort, love, and meds as needed. usually it will take a couple of weeks to a month, then they will go back to normal. I had many a sleepless nights when my daughter teethed. Frankly with my son, i didn't know he was really teething until a tooth broke through.

When your baby is awake, teething rings to chew on, or a cold washcloth that you can wet and put in the fridge also. Good luck. Teething can be tough, but you will both make it through.

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