Hello moms. My daughter will be 16 this nov n my son will be 11this dec . I m pregnant with my third child it was my hubby's idea totally n I wanted to make him happy so I agreed . I don't know the children's reaction if they found out . Pls help me how to cope up with this


Ariana - posted on 10/07/2012




Just tell them. At this age the child will be on a totally different developmental level so there's no need for major jealousies. Just explain you're having a baby and you love them dearly and you're sure they'll be a good brother/sister.

Also explain that although you expect them to help out around the house and understand if you are busy with the baby that they won't be responsible for taking care of the baby or babysitting all the time or anything (don't want to build resentment or anything).

I don't understand why you're trying to blame your husband for this. You're saying it's your husbands idea and you wanted to make him happy so you agreed. So if you agreed you can't really project blame onto him. It was your and your husbands decision, you BOTH decided to have a child. It's not like he poked holes in the condom or something and tricked you into it, so you probably shouldn't blame him for 'making' you have the child. That's how it sounds like anyway.

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