hello my name is Danielle and i wanted to know is it alright for my 13yr old son to ride his bike to school about 4miles??


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Jodi - posted on 01/17/2012




My son is 14, and he has friends that ride further than that to school (my son takes the bus). I guess it depends where you live, and how responsible the child is, but let's get real. In 4 years he'll be driving a car, right? Maybe it's time to start letting him out in the world a little. You can't eliminate all the risks to your child. They have to take steps into the real world eventually, so maybe you should see this as an opportunity to give him a little independence.

Giving independence a little at a time is a part of helping them grow up. You can't protect them from everything and then expect them to gain the experience and confidence they need to THEN be independent.

One thing you could check on is whether he has any friends nearby that he could ride all or part of the way with.

Lindzie Beachy - posted on 01/17/2012




I dont know with all the people that are out there in this world ( both good and bad neighborhoods) i wouldnt let my son do it. But Im very very overprotective.

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