hello my name is kori. i am a dad who is having the same problem that everyone on this site is having and that is my daughter is 15 and d'ont like to come and visit me and her mom always trying to justify it by agreeing with our daughter.

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Hey I really need some responses to this! I have a topic that everyone can relate to and will find this very interesting to comment on. Ok here we go I would like to hear from the people who love there children and is currently in there child life no matter what age they are. I have a daughter that is 15 years old she lives 630 miles away from me and to break that down that's 6 hours and a half, now the child mom want me to be more understanding about that she is a teenage now she might not want to spent the whole summer with you [dad], you know she has friends that's she's going to miss and she might already have plans on what she going to do with her friends not to mention any other positive things the mother might have lined up for her, plus the (child) ain't saying she not coming she said I will come at the end of the summer to spend some time with me (dad). Now i [dad] is a very understanding man and has taken into consideration that yes my daughter is a teenager now and not necessarily might not want to be up under me [dad] all summer not that she don't want to see [dad] but u know do teenager stuff. But i [dad] feels at the same time i need this time with my teenage daughter fact is this is the time i [dad] feel that is a crucial time in her life that she needs the guidance and the wisdom of her father and the balance that it could bring from both parents being they r not in the same household and things she needs to learn that only could come from her father. and not saying she would be lectured all summer or bored with nothing to do but get that much needed time that is imperative for us.and yes i am taking into consideration my child feelings but is that really going to ruin her life? also i would like to note there is no abuse or evil girlfriends that is tormenting the child just plan oh she want to do her own thing now! lol. had to add that in. but seriously it hurts me to think of all of the children in the world who dont have a father, and dont know how it feels to have one cause either he never was there or was in jail or was there but only in flesh but not mentally or emotionally. i have so much more to say but im going to wait but i do please ask if anyone can elaborate on this sensitive topic it would be so appreciated. thank you


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Try to understand her and show her that you want to be with her. :)

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