Hello to everyone I'm not know if I'm expecting or what?

Che' - posted on 08/21/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Okay I'm new to this i don't know if i'm about to have a baby but I have been having some crazy things going on with my body. Alright for example back here in June I don't really remember the date well i notice that I was cramp and I know that it wasn't time for my period because I had just had one anyway the pain went away and then it eventually it return.So here come July and my breast began to hurt me and the cramping is back I'm like okay what's going on here so the cramping stop again but my breast started to hurt more and more it each day. So July 13 2013 my breast was hurting me so bad that I had to go and lay down they feel like I'm bending over and somebody is pulling on them for their dear life this is the worst pain that i have ever feel before I mean they hurt badder then they do on my period. So I decide to take a pregnancy test and it come back negative and I was like okay well maybe I'm not my period isn't suppose to come until the 22nd of Aug, and I have been spotting and it pinkish it isn't a lot here I need to wear a pad it only show when I wipe myself. And my breast are still paining me I'm so confuse and I'm scared to go to the DR. my best friend told me to wait to see if my period will come down all the way before I go what do you'll think I should do in this would be my first pregnancy. Any advice will be welcome thanks and advance Che'


Michelle - posted on 08/21/2013




Either take a test or go to the doctor. We have no idea what is going on.

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