hello yummy mummys...my boy of 3 and a half years has never eaten a meal...ever since he was six months i went to doctors... they kept on saying he will eat...i live and beath kids i know this wasnt normal....after 32 visits they firmly said please he will eat in time...this has delayed his speach...his constanly ill...sure i give him vitamins... im still waiting to c a nutritionist after years of finally being heard...but i now have a four month old who has colic...i just wish my big boy will eat...he nly drinks milk..believe u me..i have starved him from his milk to see if he wld eat but without joy


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if he likes milk, try to entice him with soft ice cream or custard. once you have him eating something like that, you may have more success. try adding baby rice cereal to his milk to gradually thicken it also.

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