Hellp Syndrome 22 yrs ago with second child

Wendy - posted on 10/08/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Okay so I stumbled on this sight while google info related to my recent health dilemma rising ALT . My story: In 1994 I was pregnant with my second child. I delivered at just under 30 weeks with an emergency C-sect. My platelets were cutting in half every 12 hours and I was down to 25000 I believe so they took my daughter. 2lbs 14 oz lowest 2lbs 5oz. Anyway they asked me multiple times if the father (my husband) was the same father that my first child had. Yes ! (this disease normally affects your first child apparently) so they were baffled. I was only 25 at the time as well. Immediately after delivery I rebounded at an amazing rate! My daughter is now 22 and the last 3 yrs my Alt has risen to 114 so I am now going to have a liver ultra sound and wonder if it could be related to some damage that has occurred. I guess I will see soon. I do want to encourage you all out there though. They advised me at the time not to have any more children because there was a 20% chance of this occurring again. Approx. 4 1/2 yrs later I had another child only suffering higher elevated blood pressure in the last mo. He was induced to come a day before his due date (9 lbs 4 1/2 oz v-back -unreal ..my easiest delivery!) Approx 5 yrs late I gave birth again to our last child who came again by emergency c-section 4 weeks early @ 4lbs 8 oz. I had been placed on bedrest for approx 5 weeks prior . He came early due to a placenta abruption - hemorrhage.(likely due to the scar tissue from previous c-section?) When I became pregnant with #3 they were just mild concerned . With 4 they warned of the abruption. They also told me an abruption would be excruciating pain and I did not fell anything but a gush and thought my water broke with out feeling any instant contractions . Thankfully I was in the hospital at the time. I was awake for this c-section . So every pregnancy is different. I do want to include that my HELLP Syndrome symptom was like bad indigestion that would not go away when I burped and water retention. It turned in to stabbing chest pains. I hope this is some insight into HELLPS . I am 48 now. I do wish some more research would be done on both HELLPS and the after affects . It would be interesting to know why it occurs to begin with.


Sarah - posted on 10/09/2016




Well the first thing they told you that was way off was HELLP occurs with the first baby. While some women do have this issue with he first, I have seen way more women experience HELLP with the 3rd or 4th.

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