Help - 11 y/o daughter with high functioning austim

Lilia - posted on 03/21/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello I am new here. I was reading a post that really caught my eye and decided to join to get advice. I have an 11 year old daughter who goes with the father every other weekend as we have joint custody. Lately, my daughter has been upset and does not want to go with her father. I have asked my daughter why she doesn't want to go and as I expected it's due to the dad's girlfriend. My daughter stated she doesn't like the dad's girlfriend that' when she goes over to the dad's house, she can't spend time with her own dad. It breaks my heart to hear my daughter say that she wants is to spend time with her dad.
There was a period in time were the dad and girlfriend separated, this was obvious; my daughter didn't have to tell me. During that time, I noticed my daughter coming home happy telling me all the fun things they did together. The dad even called her frequently compare to now once week.
I have to tried to speak to my daughter and make her understand that her father loves her and wants to spend the time with her. My daughter's response is negative saying no he doesn't.
I can talk and talk to my daughter saying positive things and letting her know that everything will be okay but she doesn't seem to grasp. My daughter has high functioning autism and her mentality is that of a seven year old.
What can I do?

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