Help! 13 yr old has low self esteem, stealing $$ lying....

Dana - posted on 07/30/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




I appologise in advance if this is long and drawn out.. I need some advice, please serious replies only..
My 13 yr old son has a "friend" that I know is a bad influence and no matter what I do or say my son will not stop hanging out with him..

This boy tells my son things like "if you didn't have me you'd have no friends, ironically before my son became friends with 'Robert' he had tons of friends, they were in and out all day everyday.

Since becoming friends with 'Robert' ALL his old friends have told him they will not be friends with Robert and since Robert monopolies all my sons time result- my sons old friends no longer come over or hang out it's sad.

The main problem- this kid Robert has a very messed up home life, we live in a nice upper middle class neighborhood but his father is in Prison for 50 years for a white collar crime (very sad) his mom works an hour away and is gone 80-90% of the time leaving Robert -13 and his 2 sisters 11 & 12 home alone during the week, on Saturday's (every Saturday) she leaves at 7 am to drive 150 miles to spend the entire day at the prison.

On several occasions I've gotten calls on my cell from Robert asking me to please bring them something to eat because there's nothing at there house. I've looked upon arrival and in fact there's never anything fir the kids to eat.

The bigger problem- this kid tells my son to steal money from me, he thinks we're "rich" the first time it happened they stole $160 from me the next time after that it was $40 then $20 it's gotten to the point I am not able to leave my purse in the room, it's crazy I can't trust my own son in my house!
This boy stole a video game from anothe boy when he was caught he blamed my son as a result the kids older brother and his friends were activly seeking my son to "teach him a lesson" I sat them down and told them what happened then we all confronted "Robert" finally he admitted guilt.
After that I forbayed my son from having contact.

Months went by and eventually " Robert" was back, being A Christian I believe in forgiveness I gave him another chance

Less than 2 weeks later Robert stole a frozen Lazagna and $25 from me.

I told him that was his last chance and not to come back.

Now my son just sits in his room, no friends as a result of the decision to be friends w/Rober.

Any advice on how to raise his self worth and actively get him new friends.....

My son is very tall, cute built like a brick wall but feels like he's not worth squat after being told that by Robert daily.

What should I do . Should I mice his school ?

Should I let nature take course or what??

Also the football coaches are salivating over my son actively recruiting him for the team, apparently Robert has convinced him he's no good and can't play therefore he won't sign up for the team. I know he would be fantastic he's very fast for his size. But he will not even try.

Is appreciate any help.


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