Help! 14 yr boy stole from Uncle - need advice!!

June - posted on 08/01/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have had the worst trouble with my 2 boys, 14 and 16. This time it is with the 14 yr old. His uncle was in town from Thailand. I discovered a deposit of $33 into the 14 yr old bank account. Since he has had his allowance taken away I investigated and found out it was a deposit of Thailand money so he must have stolen it from his Uncle. He first denied it, then said he "found" it. I took away phone & electronics, said he is grounded again and took door out of room. He left house even though grounded. This is not the first time he did this. I have called the police before to report "runaway". Since he comes home before curfew, 10pm because he is on probation for grafitti, the police don't even look for him anymore. I don't know what else to do to MAKE him honor his grounding. We live a very straight life with high standards, and I would think he knows stealing is wrong, but I have caught him 3 times stealing now. Please give me suggestion. My two kids are making me crazy with worry and pain.

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