HELP 17month old acting out

Toni - posted on 08/09/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




HELP my 17 month old was so good. I don't know what happened he bites me hits me & constantly is screaming loud. He knows he's not allowed to touch something he looks at me first smiles & touches it. He knows he's aware so I feel he's just being bad I DONT KNOW he's my 1st I've tried time outs tried sternly talking & talking nicely HELP me please PLEASE!! Thanks in advance!!!!


Dove - posted on 08/09/2015




Stop him from biting/hitting and tell him 'no biting/hitting. Be gentle.' And then you take his hand and show him what gentle is by having him stroke your cheek. If he persists in trying to bite or hit... walk away and ignore him.

You can ignore the screaming as well or take him into his bedroom and let him know he can scream in there and when he is done screaming he can come out (but don't leave him in there for more than a few minutes w/out checking in on him).

I don't have a lot of experience w/ the touching things they shouldn't because almost everything they couldn't touch was not where they could see/reach it. Distracting him and redirecting him to things he CAN touch before he actually touches the things he can't might help more than waiting until he touches it.

You are going to have to do these things multiple times/day for quite a while though. He's testing his limits and pushing your buttons making sure that what you said yesterday (or 5 minutes ago) is still the same. Patience and consistency will be your best friends right now. Just know that he is doing what he is 'supposed' to be doing. It's very frustrating, but totally normal.

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