help. 4 month old only naps while nursing

Melisa - posted on 12/01/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




So at 2 1/2 months old we had a very good schedule we would wake up at 8 he would nap between 10-11 for about an hour up to 3 hours wake up play then nap again between 3-6 depending on how long his previous nap was he would now sleep for an hour then bath time at 8 and bed time between 9&10. He does sleep in his swing well now all of a sudden for the past few weeks he refuses to nap unless I am nursing him he will fall asleep so I go to move him as soon as I lay him down he starts crying I try and comfort him to fall asleep he won't have it. He still goes to bed around 9- 9:30 but refuses naps idk how to get a routine going again.

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