Help! 7.5 month old with frequent firm poops... Since starting solids

Tiffany - posted on 09/17/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Since my DS started solids around 6 months, his poop changed, which I expected. However, his poops are formed and either wedged between his cheeks, or little flattened lumps the size of an almond or walnut, and I'd say he has about 6-9 of these per DAY... If I don't watch him like a hawk and change him right away the poop causes quite the rash but it means I change a lot of poopy diapers... It seems like he poos too often and so I'm not sure if this is considered constipation? This is my first baby so I don't have any past experiences to reference. He eats two solid meals per day - about 3oz of fruit/veggie puree each time plus about 1oz of oatmeal with one of the meals. Other than that he is exclusively breastfed (4-5 times per day). He loves to eat his solids and opens his mouth wide each time - so I don't think I'm overfeeding solids but maybe I am?? DS usually strains a bit to poop and sometimes strains a lot and seems distressed so that's what made me concerned. Can someone please tell me if this sounds normal or if I need to cut back on solids or change what I feed him?? I feel like a crazy person obsessing about poop but not knowing if there's a real issue or not. :(


Katrina - posted on 09/17/2013




The best natural laxative for your little one is Aloe Vera Juice ( the one with little pieces in it) About a 40mls 4x in a day and their bowels will become a bit more regular and loose stools. I know this can be purchased in most health food stores but last time i lived in the States i use to buy some from Walmart Fruit Of The Earth Aloe Vera Juice.

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