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We had a son 7/24/2009 and split up in the beginning of 2010. I took him to court in the middle of 2010 so we could get everything worked out and in writitng. The judge odered us to go to mediation (additional money for both of us.) Our first court hearing we were in seperate rooms with our laywers and couln't agree. I was honored tempoary custody and child suppot. Six months later the mediation was scheduled (i never asked fo anything out of he ordinary when we offiially went to court. So he was temporary ordered to pay child support and provide our child medical insurance. 5 months later we are going to mediation and all of sudden the mediator came in and said oh matt (sons father)wants a paternity test, and since its not court ordered he has to pay for it. At that time he requested it mediation stopped. Results came bacj and it was 99.999 we go back to mediation and we agreed on the basics- standard visitation child suppot and joint custody. He would only pick him up whenever he wanted to (hardly ever followed through with his time with our son.) We got back together in April 2012 and seperated in Septemer 2012. So two weeks ago his friend isa tx stae processor and when I met him at shell to exchange our son this guy walks up to me and says are you rae kitchen? Yes, I am. He handed me a stack of papers and said yo have 21 ays from this Monday to respond. The following day I took it to my attorney and it was a modification of child custody. It stated he wanted full custody, restraining order and that he would provide our child medical insurance by 10/31/2012 ( which he was suppose to do anyways from the final orders. I gather all my documentation which icludes domestic violance, him calling the cops on me numerous times and the police finally told him if he makes another false report he will go to jail. I have 8 police reports a spirl notebook of things he has done. Two weeks after I got served he sent me a text asking if I would sign a document stating he gets more visitation I said no then he says this can be resolved in mediatio, I stated it's in the courts hands now. I get my son at 8pm this last thursday and he being very distant, just not the same baby boy I have had. Im sure his father is talking bad about me and trying to get my son to aliat against me, What should I ask for in court and how to handle me son after dads visitation?

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