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How do I wein my two year old off of the sippy cup at night while he is sleeping. i'm still struggling to get him to sleep in his own bed some nights are easier than others but every morning around 3 am he comes crying and climbing into my bed and out of exhaustion i allow it because i am too tired to fight him over it.
He just started to use the big boy toilet on his own, not the lil potties but the actual adult toilet and went poop in it today for the first time so i guess its time to start potty training. I'm a stay at home mom going to school full time so I guess I have the time to work with him but I'm just not sure how to. I know it takes repetition but I tend to give in a lot because I'm partial to not hearing his cry it really upsets the mommy in me.


Jennifer - posted on 01/07/2013




The best way is to simply take it away (remove them all from the house) and that's that. I completely understand wanting to avoid his cry, as mothers it tears us up to hear it and can really grade upon us! There are situations when they just have to cry and we just have to hear it (sleeping through the night, taking away the bottle/binky/sippy cup, etc.) Pick up a few cute small plastic cups at the store and tell him they are only for him, try to make it seem exciting for him and keep paper towels handy for the spills. As for the potty training, be proud of yourself! You are already half way there. Repetition, routine and positive reinforcement are key. I promise you can do it.

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