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Good morning moms. I have a 14 month old son,Seth. Seth's dad and I have been seperated since I was five months pregnant, so I have been pulling through as a single mom without any assistance. I love my boy to bits and I never want to see him sad. Seth's dad visits everyday for an hour and a half and I always maintain a happy and positive enviroment around my son at all times, so I try, no matter how much Seth's dad trys to throw me over the edge to keep a sane relationship at ALL TIMES. I feel now that my son does not bond with me anymore the way he used to. I feel there is a distance between us, no matter how hard I try to get him to want me I feel as if he is pushing me away. When I dropped him off at school this morning he refused to look at me to give me a little wave goodbye. What is happening??? I just want to cry cause I feel as if I am loosing my son. Please can somebody give me advice :-(


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having the father come to visit you on a daily basis to see his son strikes me as a bit strange... do you have a custody order? this is really weird and I suggest if you don't have one get one now. usually at this age they will begin an every other weekend visitation.

to the NEXT question, if you have been dropping off your child at this school for a while, he is probably over his separation anxiety phase nd is comfortable with his surroundings and ready to play with his friends.

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