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Hello, I am a first time mother to a 17 month old little girl named Harper. She has always been a pretty solid sleeper, sleeping 13 hours a night without waking at 7 months. This past month, however, she has been waking up screaming for me until I go get her and rock her back to sleep, sometimes she wakes up seven or more times a night! I have tried everything I feel, she gets motrin at night for her teething, I make sure she eats a snack a little before bed, We take a nice soothing bath, I make sure her room isn't too hot or cold, she has a nightlight in her room that she has always had, and still she wakes up crying for me every single night! I have just recently become a stay at home mother, I used to work evenings and get home at ten then put her directly to bed. Now, we go to bed around 9pm, but the night time ritual for the most part is still the same as it has always been, except I am here the whole time for it.She takes one two hour nap a day, around noon to two. What can I do to make her sleep through the night again! cry it out method isn't for us, we have tried it, and my husband gets up at 3:30am for work so he needs his rest. When we did try it out, she screamed for hours on hours and even threw up from crying so hard.. Please any suggestions or comforting words will be appreciated!! We are all exhausted!


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It could be a phase,my son has gone through phases of sleeping the whole night getting up real early,not wanting to go to sleep or waking up in the middle of the night and at the moment he is still asleep..its 10:12. Just try not to get too worked up about it.I know its difficult when you are exhausted and baby doesnt let you sleep.Just try to think it wont always be like this.Good luck and hope you get some rest:-)

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