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My step son is 8 years old. He has ADHD and ODD. His mother was a dug user during her preg. I don't blame his reactions to the ADHD. He is one meds and even without meds he can control his behavior. He is very defiant. He steals money from his father and I. He steals from stores. He steals from school. He lies. He threatens students. He told his step sister my daughter that he was going to kill her in her sleep. He has been to hospitals. He will tell people that I beat him when I don't even touch him. I have tried time out and knees and taking things away from him but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?


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My 10 year son has the same thing. He's not perfect, but our psychologist has helped us TREMENDOUSLY!!! #1. God. Pray, Pray. #3 You need to have him go to a good Dr who will also counsel your husband & you. #3. Your husband & you have to be a team in front of him matter what. #4. No shouting. For me it's so hard. I always mess up on this one because I'm tired, frustrated & done. But I've been trying &it's been working. #4. Lots of hugs, kisses, pat on the back. They are very sensitive & don't get that a lot because they're always punished or we are just so upset. #5. His medicine, Stattra 80mg. Good luck.

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