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My partner and I came up with unique names but don't know which one to pick. Stryden-Blaise Kryton-Stryker Dreyton-Ryza. any suggestions ?


Chet - posted on 01/07/2014




To be completely honest, these are not great names. They mostly sound and look like the words marketers come up with to name drugs and consulting firms. Blaise is the only name that doesn't look made up, and it doesn't go with your other names at all.

The thing is, names like this aren't even unique. They just blend in with the huge pool of names that end in -ton or -son, or have invented spellings that make heavy use of y, k and z. You might not know any other Dreytons, but there are playgrounds full of kids with names like Branton, Payton, Brayton, Crayton, Dayton, Bolton, Colton, Weston, Paxton, Maxton, Braxton, Clifton, Preston, Rayton, etc.

If you want a unique name pick an actual name that isn't overly popular right now... Harold, Duncan, Felix, Byron, Gerard, Milo, Rupert, Arthur, Fabian, Lewis, etc. Blaise would also be fine, if French Saint or 17th century scientist and philosopher is the tone you're going for.... although a lot of horses are named Blaze.


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