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Is there someone out there who can help? I can't get my 3 year old to stay in his bed. I've tried getting rid of naps, reading books, singing, stroking, night lights, leaving lights on, telling him he can play with cars in his bed, sticker reward chart, taking his blankie away, yelling, I even put an attachment on his door knob to keep him from running out. I decided that wasn't something I felt comfortable with. For over an hour every night, back and forth we go to his bed. I can't keep doing this night after night. Some advice would be so great about now. Please!


Sonya - posted on 03/29/2014




We had this problem and we used the door knob stopper. We could get in, but he couldn't get out. He had to cry himself to sleep for 3 nights in a row. It was so hard on me to hear him scream. My husband would just keep reminding me he is ok and we had to do it. He would fall asleep at the door. On the 4th night all it took was threaten to close the door and he promised to stay in his bed. He is 11 now and he doesn't remember it at all! He sill likes to stay up late if we let him.

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