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My daughter is now 9 months old.. Her father is loving and caring but I have my suspicions. When she was 3months old he took a bath with her I didn't sepect anything then so didn't even think it was weed because he is her father. Is that werid? Also he was staying at a hotel and I was at work I didn't call when I was on my way just when I got outside for the room #. It took him mins to answer phone and door and when I came in she was awake it was mid night.. And I said "what took u so long? " he said we'll I mean I had to get her dressed and she was only in her diaper...?? I dismissed it thinking I'm crazy later found a hole in 2 blankets on the seem like it was cut..I can't get it out of my head WTF happened. Also have a 3yr old niece who just loves him. Feel crazy but when I walk in and he's playing with both of them feel like he lifts up his genitals Likw for them to touch them? I've confronted him about all my suspitions he said I was crazy and on drugs. My baby hates for me to change her diaper and clothes but think she's just that age to fight me. Lately not sleeping well and just got out of hospital for her having cellulitis of the groin. Someone help me!!


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Thank you for your comment! It is scary not knowing! I've left him and he only sees her while I'm sitting in the same room! I would rather be safe then sorry! Thanks again

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Oh wow!

First of all, I know it is very easy to "go crazy" in this situation, but you must keep your wits about you because the last thing you need is for father to accuse you of being mentally unstable, making it even more difficult for you to protect your children, if needed.

If you suspect something has happened, take the children to the doctor and relay your suspicions. They can check them out.

Get counseling for yourself (and potentially, your child). Counselors could help guide you on what to look for specifically. In addition, they are also mandated reporters, so if they really suspect something is going on, they will need to report it as well.

I know all too well your situation, but without actual proof that something actually happened (sadly), there is very little that can be done. Has father ever been convicted of these types of crimes?

Take care of yourself. If you do not, you will not be around or able to take care of your child.

Good luck!

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I'm sorry, but this makes no sense.

You're basing allegations on him taking a couple of rings to answer his phone in the middle of the night, when he was quite obviously caring for the child, if the child was awake as well, and that he didn't immediately open the door? So, you are able to answer your phone or open your door within 5 seconds every time?

If you suspect that your child is being molested, have a physician examine her and go from there. Don't start allegations that you cannot prove.

What would a 'hole in a blanket on a seem' have to do with molestation?

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