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My boyfriend has a 7 year old daughter who he adores to the moon and back... twice. Which is one of the many, MANY reasons that I love about him. However, for most of his daughters life he has been single. It's just been the two of them when he has her on the weekends. That being said I can only agree that she should have these resistant feelings of losing her Daddy or having to share him with someone else. I totally understand. She has never said she doesn't like me, or anything like that... it's quite the opposite. She's my little buddy we hang out and I do her nails and we giggle and talk. She has even asked him before him and I met, why he doesn't make one of his friends his girlfriend... So how do I help her understand that I am not here to take her Daddy away from her, and that I want to be in her life too.


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That is his job to do not yours. Just show her love, kindness and be a friend. When he is around, don't ignore her, and don't let him focus all his attention on you. His first priority should be her....whether you are there or not.

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