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My son is almost 17 months old
He's going through this phase where he is constantly throwing temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way.
When he gets mad he hits and scratches and tries to bite.
How do I get him to stop, to install that it's a nono to hit mommy and daddy?


Dove - posted on 01/08/2015




One thing you can do is give him a little space when he is throwing a fit... if he's not close enough to touch you then you won't be getting attacked... and when he calms down a bit you can hold him/give him a big hug. Having emotions so big that you can't contain them can be rather scary for toddlers at times.

If he is trying to hit/scratch you firmly (but gentle enough to not hurt) grab his hand and sternly tell him 'no hitting/scratching'. Then in a gentler voice you say 'be gentle' and then take his hand and SHOW him gentle by stroking your cheek.

It's a normal phase. Frustrating, but 'fairly' easy to break w/ a bit of time and a lot of consistency.

Sarah - posted on 01/08/2015




The less attention you give him the better. If he bites you and you shout, make a face, cry or whatever, it is attention to him. So try to not react, look at him and say firmly, "no biting, that hurts" and walk away if you can. If you can't walk away, look away. Show him what gentle touching is and have him practice and praise him for all of his soft touches. A toddler having a tantrum cannot be reasoned with, so you are best to just leave him lie and pitch his fit. When he realizes that he gets your attention when he behaves in a positive manner, he'll quit. He is 17 months, so you do have a certain amount of tantrums ahead of you regardless!


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