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My ex left about a month ago now. He walked out and gave me a b.s excuse. Bottom line I caught him talking to 7 different girls and we would always argue because I couldn't trust him. He was always seek about his phone and he's just no good. He up and left out of the blue. Now he wants to see his son and I allow him to do so. However, he only sees him once a week and will just ask here and there how he is. I don't even bother to answer anymore. He has failed to come visit on his days off I have to blow up his phone and text him all day. Hes obviously out and about. I even get a hold of his parents and they don't even pick up. I'm very frustrated what do I do?!?!?!


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Once a week is actually pretty good. This is still enough for him to build a relationship with his child.

With regard to "allowing" him to see his child, "allowing" him or not isn't up to you. Your child isn't your possession, he has two parents who both have equal rights to a relationship with him. If you chose NOT to "allow" the father a relationship, you are doing something called parental alienation and there are people who lose custody as a result. He is asking here and there how your child is, and you are already ignoring his request for information about his are treading dangerous ground.

I want to address this "on his days off I have to blow up his phone and text him all day." Stop. Just stop. A big part of why he may avoid visiting his child is possibly because you are escalating the issue. Texting him all day is considered harassment. Contacting his parents to track him down is also harassing him. This is the point where you need to grow up and reconsider how you communicate with him and how you co-parent. What he is doing on those days is really not any of your business.

The best thing you can do is file for custody and visitation. This will establish set days that your ex can have time with his son. That's his right. Mediation may help you to sit down together and draw the boundaries (i.e. there should be a boundary on how many times you can possibly text him before it reaches harassment levels). It is time for you to talk to a lawyer to get things set up officially.

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