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My son who will be 3 in August started complaining of his legs hurting last night right before bed. Thinking that this might be a stalling tactic, I brushed it off. Now today he is in terrible pain. He can not walk, he cries when dressing him or changing diaper. Its like he has lost all strength in his legs. My husband or myself has to help him sit up because he won't move his lower body on his own.
This same thing happened about an year ago, doctor ran several blood tests and urine sample. Everything came back normal. By the time test results were back (3-4 days) he was his normal rambunctious self. The doctor said that it was just growing pains and nothing more.
There has to be something more than just growing pains! We have an appointment with his doctor in a hour...any mommies out there with some advice. I refuse to leave her office this time with her saying it's just growing pains


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Sorry to hear about your son. It really is possible that it is growing pains...

Does your son get enough calcium and nutrients, as well as water??

With anything that is that painful, I would call the doctor to get a professional opinion. It might be nothing, but when it comes to the children, "better safe than sorry" comes to mind.

Honestly, though, I wonder why you don't trust your doctor's opinion (not sarcasm). If you really have doubts, get a second should find a doctor that you trust your child's life with...

Good luck!

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