Christa - posted on 09/01/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




In our neighborhood there is a group of about 10 kids that play together almost every single day. Their ages all range from 7 to 10. Boys and girls. They all ride bikes and play cards and games. Recently i cought one of the boys (9) on the side of the house with my son (7). I didnt see them doing anything but it was just strange. I had told the other boy that he didnt need to be going on the side of the house but he did anyway. I told him he had to go home. It was just strange to me. I felt uneasy. I had talked to my son before about inappropriate touching and keeping hands to yourself and all that jazz. But my son finally came out with it. He said that his "friend" was trying to get him (7) to tough his (9) privates . My son is a very tight lipped little guy and im am so worried that he isnt telling me everything. I am so lost and broken over this. I know i need to tell his mom. But what if she tries to turn it around on my son???

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