Help a Toddler deal with Traveling Parents

Erin - posted on 12/07/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My sweet daughter is 2 1/2+. My Husband & I will be leaving the country in January for 2 weeks. She will be staying with her Grandparents, who she has spent long period of time with before & she is very close with them. She is at that age where she will really miss Us & simultaneously she wont grasp the concept of time & that we are coming home. Its a tough age to be gone for so long, what can I do to make this time easier for her?


Kelly - posted on 12/07/2012




Maybe you could tell her that mommy and daddy are going bye byes for a little while and while there away she will get to stay with grandma and grandpa and have lots of fun!!

Maybe pre record a few video messages and give them to her grandparents for them to play to her every two days or how often so that she can see mommy and daddy and here their voice and have them talk to her,maybe buy her a little necklace and you have the same one too and tell her that no matter where mommy is as long as she has that necklace or bracelet mommy a always with her. (Although she might be a bit young to understand that)

Make sure that at her grandmas house she sticks to what ever schedule she is on,just to keep consistency.But other than that if she is close to them and she has lots to do to keep her busy she should be fine maybe have a bit of trouble the first few days but she will settle in just make it sound like a big fun sleep over for her! Just make sure that she has plenty of toys there and lots to keep her mind off it.

Best of luck :)

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