Help. All my son wants to do when he is here is play on his XBox.

Jennifer - posted on 06/25/2016 ( 9 moms have responded )




My son visits me every other weekend and sometimes another day here and there. All he ever wants to do is play on his Xbox. If I were a game maybe he would pay attention to me but I am not. He is 7. I also have problems mothering him. He is a challenge for me. He is set in his way. He doesn't believe in compromises. Do any kids?


Dove - posted on 06/26/2016




My son once screamed and tried to run away for 45 minutes straight all because I said I wasn't going to go to the store right that second to buy him Lunchables because we were going the very next day to do it....

He also once screamed a 20 minute ride home because I didn't buy him cookies in the store.

Those are only two examples of YEARS of fit throwing. Heck, he threw his first major fit at 9 months old... screamed for 20 minutes all because I took my cell phone out of my purse before letting him play w/ my purse... and nothing I did got him to stop screaming until HE decided he was done screaming. What's your point? Kids throw fits. Kids that are used to getting their way throw bigger fits. Stubborn kids that want their way no matter what even when they know that throwing a fit isn't going to work... throw longer fits at older ages.

That's life.


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Sarah - posted on 06/27/2016




He's 7! Not 17! Put the xbox away and make plans to keep him busy. You don't compromise with a 7 yo, you give him a choice (park or zoo) and let him choose. He is only set in his ways because you do not expect any more from him than what he is doing already.

Dove - posted on 06/25/2016




Take it away. It is completely inappropriate for a 7 year old to spend all of his time gaming. Get him out of the house and DO stuff w/ him. Sure, maybe an arcade day or a movie or something on occasion, but he should be interacting w/ YOU doing things during your time.

As for being 'set in his ways' and not willing to compromise? Yep... I've got one of those. He's 8. Stubborn as hell and if life doesn't go exactly as he wants... I hear ALL about it... repeatedly. We butt heads on a regular basis and I hate it w/ a passion, but I refuse to let him just do whatever he wants 24/7 because it is my job to raise him to be a decent adult w/in a decade.

I have no doubt that he could rule the world when he grows up if that's what he wants... but we have to both survive that long first. lol ♥

Ev - posted on 06/25/2016




Okay Jennifer--you are the parent. THat means you set the boundaries and rules and consequences. He is 7 years old. In a few years he will be a teen. If you continue to allow him to do what he wants when he wants to then you will never have the upper hand and teach him what he needs to know. Take the xbox and put it up when he is over for the weekends and only get it out when he can actually have certain amount of time to play it.

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