Help!! Am I just over reacting?

Lola - posted on 11/14/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




So I am new here and I don't really know how I works,I sort of do but not really so be patient with me if I don't write things out properly or get the concept.Well I am 20 and I have a 6 month old beautiful girl her name is Audrinna.i am single but me and Audrinnas father have a split custody agreement that works amazingly well for us he has he for a whole weekend (Friday til Sunday anight bout 6ish) every other weekend and we get together once a week and do something fun together with Audrinna we don't fight like ever and Audrinna has the biggest smile on her face all the time.I run a business (cupcake shop) I'm studying to be a cook,I look after my daughter all day every day she comes before everyone else! But lately I feel like I'm over whelmed all the time! I have to manage the business make sure my assignments are done in time and still try to give Audrinna the best life possible by taking her to the aquarium and park and such.Im a stretched too thin well atleast I feel like I am any ideas on how to manage it all better or what to do so that I feel a little less stressed and like I have so much to do and no time to do it?? Now with Christmas around the corner I've had to work more to earn more money and find time for Christmas shopping,am I just being a drama queen what's wrong with me lately???


Claudia - posted on 11/14/2012




You sound perfectly normal to me! Your schedule sounds stressful! It's hard to balance everything, especially when you're a single mama. Do you have any family that could watch her for you a few hours here and there? They could take her to the park or somewhere fun while you study, or could watch her at home while you go to the library and study. Just a thought. Btw, kudos to you for juggling it all! I definitely admire single moms.

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