Help, am i pregnant AGAIN???

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I have a 4week and 4day old. I was bleeding on and off heavy and light since than. A little over a week ago I had left side pain all day (that I now think was ovulation pain i have had before). The other day I had a white thing in the toilet with blood in it that looked like the stuff I had with my first three babies when I was in first trimester that the doctors thought might have been from the cyst you get when you are pregnant. I have never had this postpartum before though. The bleeding has pretty much stopped and just a little mucus that you get postpartum. I only breast fed her for two days and stopped completely. I have had sex atleast twuce a day since two days after having her and unprotected also. My boobs stopped hurting about two weeks ago and today they are burning. Sex hasnt hurt since about a couple days after having her but last night sex hurt and does when I am pregnant. I bleed with ALL of my pregnancies most of the first trimester. My teeth hurt when I am pregnant but they havent stopped since having her, two have nerves exposed really badly so cant go on that. What do yall think??? I usually dont get pregnant till about 3months post partum but usually have my first period way before than and havent yet as far as I know. But they said you usually ovulate before your first pp period also. I usually find out I am pregnant a week after ovulation lol. She was my 16th pregnancy and my 7th vaginal delivery. The rest were early miscarriages. Thank you, have a good day yall...


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Marisa - posted on 05/03/2015




You should get checked out because they say no sex for 6 weeks after the baby is born. So if you have been doing it since 2 days after she was born and your getting pain. That could be dangerous. There is a big chance you can get pregnant again. My obgyn has always scheduled her patients 4 to 5 weeks after ddelivry since alot of patients come back 4 weeks later pregnant. Good luck! Hope your health is great!

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